What is the dark web?

Examples of sites: web resources of the black market of prostitution, drug trafficking, weapons, people, personal data, as well as services of killers, forgery of documents, etc.

Dark web is located in the icy depths of the ocean, under the deep web. In the dark web, the shadow Internet (darknet) spreads its dangerous networks. Websites with hidden IP addresses conceal a world that is inaccessible and dangerous for most users.

To get to these sites, you need to use special browsers and remain anonymous.

But such surfing on the expanses of the dark web hides threats.

Experts’ opinions about the size of the dark web are divided. Some believe that it makes up 0.01% of the deep web and contains not so many sites — several thousand. Other experts say that the dark web is difficult to measure because it is unclear and decentralized.

Few people interact with the darknet. Initially, it was used by white hat (white) and black hat (black) hackers, cybercriminals and government representatives. If you only need a login and password to access the deep network, then you need to use special software or hardware to dive into the darknet.

The architecture of the darknet allows criminals to completely cover their tracks. That’s why it’s possible: